Digging In: How can individual charitable giving make a bigger impact?

October 8, 2016

Steve Boland is the managing partner and founder of Next in Nonprofits, which provides fundraising and communications consulting, speaking, and content development services for nonprofit organizations. He has served as executive director of three nonprofit organizations in his career. Steve was the founding manager of the eBusiness Institute at Minnesota Technology. Steve also teaches Development and Fundraising at Hamline University. A graduate of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Steve holds a Master of Nonprofit Management from Hamline University, is an alumnus of the Shannon Leadership Institute, and serves on the Board of Directors for Outfront Minnesota.

New tools and new ideas are emerging to help us see how combining individual small voices can change how they impact the direction of charities today. It is now possible to see how all individuals together can respond to requests for donations, as well as actually shape nonprofit responses to community needs.