Digging In: Is there such a thing as a modern day Renaissance person?

October 6, 2016

Randy LaFoy works at Century College in the GPS LifePlan, a statewide program to keep students in school and help them to graduate. He has won many awards for his photography, hosta plants, and jams. He has won a national award for a video on the WPA and another for his educational work.  He is a strong believer in giving back and has served as Birchwood Village Councilman and Mayor for 18 years. He has been in 48 of 50 states.  He published Kidiary, a children’s journaling book, as well as Reporter of Data Privacy Opinions. He is a life-long learner.

When we think of a Renaissance person, we immediately think of Leonardo Da Vinci. His shoes are huge ones to fill as Da Vinci was a master of mathematics, engineering, inventing, anatomy, painting, sculpting, architecture, botany, music and writing. Who can compare to him now? James Bond and the Most Interesting Man in the World immediately come to mind. But, how about real life? Who are the present Renaissance People, and what are they so good at? What happened? Do you have to be dead 400 years to be a Renaissance Person? How do we dig ourselves out of this conundrum? Randy will “Dig In” to a discussion on why it is worth becoming a Renaissance Person? How does one (and correspondingly, society) benefit?