Digging In: Faith, Firearms and Civility

October 11, 2016

Michael J. Chan is Assistant Professor of Old Testament at Luther Seminary. In addition to writing on Isaiah and Daniel, Dr. Chan also does ethnographic research on the intersection of guns and religion in America. He serves on the editorial board of Bible Odyssey website, a Society of Biblical Literature initiative that is funded by an NEH grant. He earned his PhD from Emory University, his MA in Old Testament from Luther Seminary, and his BA in Elementary Education (Certified in German) from Pacific Lutheran University.

Michael wrote on YouTube, "If Americans are to have an informed conversation about the role of firearms in American society, they must recognize that, for many citizens, guns are not simply a political issue, they are also a religious one. But this should come as no surprise, for guns, like religion, deal with the profound human realities of life, death, will, power, and freedom."  The presentation will describe his research project and the most important preliminary findings, leading to a summary discussion of the cultural implications.